WOW Newsletter: Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of the WOW Newsletter!

As another way to provide quality customer service, WOW is now providing a periodic newsletter to subscribers. WOW plans on featuring a tech-tip from the WOW staff, a satisfied customer comment, and an employee bio on every issue in addition to the news-worthy articles.

WOW & AIR-PIPE Grand Opening

Wired or Wireless, Inc. (WOW), provided a warm welcome to their vendors, customers and friends at the Grand Opening of their new facility in the Spokane Valley.

WOW Grand Opening Event & Ribbon Cutting

Music, appetizers, refreshments, and prizes were enjoyed while guests toured the company's new office building, shop, and fleet of vehicles. Guests were able to meet the WOW Team and learn about the many local services the company provides.

"We enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of our clients, customers and vendors and express our gratitude for their business", states Bill Geibel Jr., President and Owner of Wired Or Wireless, Inc., "Moving to this new location was a perfect fit for the growing needs of this company."

TECH TIP: Prevent/Reduce SPAM

Many people enjoy sending fun emails that ask you to "forward to 10 of your friends", "sign this petition", "if you don't you'll get bad luck", or "if you do you'll get good luck", etc.. More often then not, these types of emails have tracking cookies anxiously waiting to snatch up your email address as well as every person you CC'd the email to. Once the email has been forwarded the attached cookies mark the addresses as active, and add them to a list for future SPAMMING. Yuck!

To prevent yours and other's email addresses from being added to the dreaded SPAM lists make sure to use the 'BCC' function instead of 'To' or 'CC' when forwarding these types of emails. This simple adjustment will greatly reduce junk emails received making the email experience a much happier one.

Check back in future WOW newsletters for additional TECH TIPS to prevent and reduce SPAM emailing and receive many other helpful suggestions.

Bringing Broadband To Malden WA

USDA Rural Development Organization

Wired or Wireless, Inc. is currently in the process of building a network infrastructure which will bring high-speed Broadband Internet and a community center to Malden Washington through the Community Connect Broadband Program Grant from the USDA Rural Development organization.

During Phase I, WOW began construction on the town's first community center. This center will provide the general public free access to a much needed broadband Internet connection.

"Wired or Wireless, Inc is excited to begin building this network", states Bill Geibel Jr., President and owner of WOW, "Bringing broadband to Malden will provide the town with many great opportunities for economic development."

For many years the town's growth has been stunted due to its lack of access to a fast Internet service. With this grant underway Mayor Ted Maxwell expresses his excitement for the implementation of this project, "One of the disadvantages of living where housing is affordable has been the slow and expensive Internet service. The coming of high-speed Internet will be welcomed and greatly appreciated."

In later phases of the grant WOW will be working to also provide the Malden Police Department, Malden City Hall, and Malden Fire Station free broadband Internet access.

Satisfied Customer Quote

"I want to communicate how pleased I am with your service. Some companies blow a lot of smoke, but don't know how to deliver. My experience with AIR-PIPE has been that you simply deliver. Thanks! I also want to express gratitude for your communication regarding the upgrade."

Gerald H

WOW Team Member BIO

Tracy Tippett

Tracy Tippett, Sales Director

Mr. Tracy Tippett is the newly appointed Sales Director for Wired or Wireless, Inc. and AIR-PIPE. The newest member of our team Mr. Tippett brings more than 25 years of sales and sales management experience to AIR-PIPE and Wired or Wireless all based on a single belief -

The Customer's Best Interest Comes First!

Mr. Tippett is a Florida native and a father of three, 2 boys and 1 girl, and grandfather of five (all boys) having relocated to Idaho from Arizona in mid 2009. Based at our new Sandpoint facility, Tracy will be covering our entire service area. Mr. Tippett has been involved in wireless communications since 1995 holding positions as Radio Shop Manager, Racing Communications Technician, National Distribution Manager, Territory Manager and North American Director of Sales for a High Tech Manufacturer in Silicon Valley.

While not working Mr. Tippett is usually found kayaking, mountain biking, reading, or most recently remodeling his home.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Tippett with any questions and/or comments at 509-842-8584.

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