Wireless Solutions and Services

Point to Point

Wired or Wireless, Inc. is able to build high-speed point to point solutions engineered for simple to complex applications in all types of challenging environments. WOW is qualified and prepared to create cost effective wireless network solutions for a wide range of applications to fit your companies needs.

Point to Multipoint

WOW provides highly reliable, efficient point to multipoint solutions for a variety of challenging locations and applications. Ideal applications include urban/suburban locations, uniting campuses, backbone for metro WiFi networks, government Installations, emergency systems, video surveillance, telemedicine, banking, just to name a few.

Broadband Internet

The latest breakthrough in high-speed broadband communications is wireless technology. Wired or Wireless, Inc. DBA AIR-PIPE is offering homes and businesses state-of-the-art wireless broadband with the superior Cambium Canopy system. WOW's vision is to give every rural family in the Inland Northwest access to a fast reliable Broadband Internet connection.

Project Management

Wired or Wireless, Inc. provides project management, oversight, and implementation services for complex wireless network infrastructure projects - solutions that fit your budget and work for your organization. Our professionals are widely and deeply experienced and have created customized solutions that conform to industry best practices and standards. Let Wired or Wireless, Inc. help your organization meet your network challenges and maintain your competitive edge.