Local Area Networks (LAN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Quality LAN/WAN Installations

Wired or Wireless (WOW) provides LAN/WAN design, integration, upgrades, migration, relocation and support services. Our LAN/WAN design services include desktop integration, wireless device integration, network security and firewall, IP telephony, voicemail and email messaging. Our network designers may consider network infrastructure and cabling, telephony equipment, document imaging and archiving solutions and provide document procurement services.

If your business needs a secure connection to run business critical applications in offices located in different areas of the region, or the country, WOW has the network design and integration services to resolve your LAN/WAN problems. Whether installing a high-speed wireless connection to your new building across the road, or a 100MB connection to the server to keep those power users productive, we will install, maintain and support a reliable network to specifically help your company achieve its technology and business objectives.

  • LAN/WAN Integration, Upgrades, Migrations, Support and Relocation Services
  • Desktop Integration, Upgrades, Migration, Support and Relocation Services
  • Thin Client Hardware/Software Integration
  • Wireless Device Integration
  • Internal/External Corporate Network Security, Firewall Solutions
  • Voicemail and Email Messaging Platform Integration
  • Voice/Data Cabling Installation (CAT6, CAT5, CAT5E, Multimode and Singlemode Fiber)
  • Network Telephony
  • Application Rollout and Integration Services
  • Production-level Document Imaging, Indexing, Archival and Retrieval Solutions
  • Product Procurement Services