Fiber Optic Solutions

What is Fiber Optics

Fiber-optics are hair-thin filaments of very pure glass or plastic used to transport pulses of light, carrying vast amounts of data. Fiber optic communications are different from any other data transmission method, in that it does not use electricity to transmit information. Instead of electrical signals, modulated light is used to quickly transmit data over long distances through an insulated glass fiber. Fiber provides much faster data transfer speeds when compared to traditional interconnection media such as copper wire, coaxial cable or wireless. Fiber optics can support voice, video, and data all at once over a single line

Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions

We offer a variety of fiber optic cabling solutions: indoor, outdoor, loose tube, tight buffered. Do you require a high speed backbone or point to point installations within a building complex? Would you like to run fiber to the desktop? Let our professionals guide you through your fiber optic cable installation. We pride ourselves on efficient, high quality, cost effective fiber optic cabling installations.

Installations are designed to satisfy current network needs but have added flexibility for future growth or integration. Continuous training augments the diversity and experience of our project management and assures maximum effectiveness for all our installations.

Wired or Wireless, Inc. can not only meet customer requirements but can also participate in the design and specifications of a new system. From design to implementation and from data centers to IP Voice, Wired or Wireless, Inc. is the answer for your infrastructure.

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