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The land mobile communications industry is vast, covering everything from military and public safety radios to everyday business 2-way equipment like you'd find in a retail store. Icom America's land mobile division is its youngest - and its largest.

Icom is deeply committed to P25, the North American digital standard for public safety communications interoperability. Icom's latest P25 radios now offers P25 trunking, bringing more functionality to this growing product line.

Icom is also devoted to IDAS, its analog & digital line of land mobile radio equipment. IDAS uses the NXDNT protocol to bring next-generation digital capabilities to the industry, all while retaining analog legacy performance. IDAS is all about making today's radios more functional and a better value than ever before.

In 2003, offering a complete turnkey communication solution was a rarity in the land mobile market. Icom America Systems (IAS) was launched to meet the needs of an unmet demand. Today, IAS is responsible for a large part of Icom America's total business. Whether you need an off-the-shelf repeater or a full, custom-built system setup, IAS is bringing communications system solutions to commercial radio managers and owners all over North America and the Caribbean.

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