Cell Phone Signal Boosters & Installation

Wilson Phone Signal Amplifiers - Say goodbye to dropped calls!

On the road, at home or in the office, improve your cell phone's reception with Wilson Amplifiers / Cellular Repeaters / Cell phone Signal Boosters and Antennas.

Mobile Products

When you're on the go, use Wilson's Mobile amplifiers to extend your service range, reduce dropped calls, and limit background noise.

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In-Building Products

Use Small Office/Home Office and Building amplifiers to improve voice and data transmissions and reduce in-building signal loss.

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A Wilson Antenna, combined with an amplifier, increases cell phone range and improves signal quality. Many models available.

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Installation of Wilson Products

Depending on your desired application, Wilson amplifiers, antennas, and accessories may require additional installation.

Wired or Wireless, Inc. is well equipped with qualified staff ready to install your new amplifier system.

Call today to speak with a representative for your free consultation to determine the most efficient application of Wilson Products for your vehicle, home or office.