Wired or Wireless, Inc. Company History

Wired or Wireless, Inc. was founded in September 2000 to fill the growing need for a Systems Integrator that could provide expertise in networking that crossed the boundaries of both Wired and Wireless telecommunications networks. The unique background of its President and founder, William B. Geibel, Jr., and Vice President, William B. Geibel, made the formation of this company possible. It is rare to have two individuals with such broad backgrounds in Telecommunications Infrastructure (Wired), Electrical Engineering, and Radio Frequency (Wireless) technologies.

Wired or Wireless got off to a strong start. The company quickly acquired contracts to design and build projects for numerous customers in both Oregon and Washington. However, the founder knew that while the systems integration business could generate large projects and profits, it could also suffer times of low project activity. Those slow-times make it difficult to attract and keep the highly technical staff which is necessary to prosper. He immediately began the search for a business opportunity centered on their unique expertise that would create a stable cash flow without the variations common with the contracting business.

AIR-PIPE Broadband Internet

In March of 2002, Wired or Wireless founded
AIR-PIPE Rural Broadband Internet. AIR-PIPE has grown to be the premier fixed wireless high-speed Broadband Internet provider in the greater Spokane region and Inland Northwest. Offering competitive pricing and premium local services, AIR-PIPE has become a foundational piece for Wired or Wireless to grow and thrive.

In September 2008, Wired or Wireless purchased the two-way radio portion of Mountain Communications in Sandpoint, Idaho. The two-way radio business compliments what Wired or Wireless has done with AIR-PIPE and creates a unique opportunity to leverage the AIR-PIPE network to add monthly recurring revenue business to the Wired or Wireless portfolio and further our stability and diversity.

By utilizing the AIR-PIPE telecommunications backbone infrastructure and through use of the existing tower site leases possessed by AIR-PIPE and Wired or Wireless, Wired or Wireless intends to build a trunked two-way radio repeater system to provide nearly seamless coverage from Pullman to the Canadian Border and Wallace, Idaho to Sprague, Washington.

Wired or Wireless is marketing these services and solutions to service industry clients who require mobile two-way communications in our coverage area.