Wireless Broadband Internet

AIR-PIPE Rural Broadband Internet

Wired or Wireless provides quality, fast, local, broadband Internet to the Inland Northwest area under the business name AIR-PIPE. The WOW team has developed an extensive wireless network for AIR-PIPE through a series of tower installations using Motorola Canopy technology. This expansive networks reaches from the Canadian border down to Tekoa Washington, as well as from the Reardan Washington area over to Kellogg Idaho.

AIR-PIPE Rural Broadband Internet

AIR-PIPE's rural broadband Internet provides small-town homes and businesses with an opportunity to receive a fast, reliable connection to the world wide web.

For more information about AIR-PIPE rural broadband Internet, check out the AIR-PIPE website or contact a customer service representative.

Cambium Canopy Technology

A Canopy System is based on a wireless broadband technology that provides for high-speed Internet access and was designed to provide cost-effective, "last-mile" high speed data access for customers who previously were underserved or lived in locations where infrastructure is non-existent. The Canopy system uses Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint networks that can span distances ranging from two to 10 miles in a multipoint configuration, to as many as 35 miles in a Point-to-Point configuration.

Authorized Reseller of Cambium Canopy

Authorized Cambium Canopy Reseller

Wired or Wireless, Inc. is an Authorized Canopy Service Provider and well as an Authorized Canopy Reseller.

For more information regarding available products and services please check out Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, or contact a customer service representative.